Shout Talent fecund Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Shout Talent - Online Recruitment Management System

Shout Talent - Recruitment Management System is an e-recruitment online portal that streamline the entire recruitment process work flow in Placement Company, Staffing Company, Employment Agency..

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  • Manager can Assign Requirement to Recruiter
  • User Preferences : Change User Name, Password, Theme, etc.
  • Monitor Candidate status
  • Candidate Short list and schedule interview
  • Upload New Candidature and resume parsing to centeralized server. Prepare your own database. Shout Talent can upload from excel list of candidates - multi resume upload and parsing
  • Create Requirement(Mandates) for client
  • Create New employee as an User of Shout Talent
  • Review your statstics of Usage as well as resume uploaded on dashboard.
  • Shout Talent automatically sending email as a notification to Manager, Sr. Manage, Client, Recruiter.
  • Notification will be provided by automatically when resume moves to next level or some changes occurred.